Taylor Swift, Wedding Crasher

TaylorweddingcrashOne couple’s dreams came true in more ways than one over the weekend. Two huge Taylor Swift fans, Katy Harris and Chris Eisenman, got the surprise of their life, and the biggest wedding gift they could have imagined. As if getting married to your soul mate wasn’t fantastic enough, these two newlyweds were gifted with a visit from their favorite celebrity, Taylor Swift.

Katy and Chris got married in the parking lot of the Taylor Swift 1989 Tour in Philadelphia before attending the show. Taylor got wind of this and decided to with the newlyweds well in person.

Taylor Swift Reports on Rumors of Kanye West Duet


In an ET interview with Cameron Mathison, Taylor Swift admits that Kanye West has touched on the subject of making a duet together. She went on to tell Mathison that is would do her most recent album, 1989, disservice if she were to jump into making another album so soon after it’s success.

In regard to collaborating with rapper Kanye West, Taylor tells Cameron Mathison, “He very creative and I think we’ve talked about it but we’ve also talked about so many other things.” Then went on to say, “I completely respect his vision as a producer so that’s all I know now. I have no idea what the next album is gonna be though.”

Taylor Swifts Heart of Gold: Taylor Calls Fan Battling Cancer

TS2Taylor Swift just doesn’t stop giving. She gives herself, her time, her donations, and so much of her heart. In the most recent example of Taylor’s selflessness, she makes one little Chicago girl’s dream come true.
12 year old Emily Beazley is battling cancer and wanted nothing more than to meet Taylor Swift. Taylor does everything in her power to show her fans she cares, and that includes fulfilling their wishes. Today Emily’s mom announced on social media that Taylor Swift actually called and spoke with her daughter. She explained that Emily is smiling from ear to ear and that Taylor couldn’t have been nicer.