Taylor Swift Reaches Out to Fan in Tumblr Message

TaylortumblrTaylor Swift gives a fan some words to brighten her day through Tumblr. After a fan had disclosed that her mother passed away, Taylor reached out to this particular Swiftie with words of encouragement.
Taylor replied, “I admire and respect your ability to put forth such a sunny, sweet disposition when you’ve been through something so dark.”
Taylor Swift is battling some of her own personal darkness right now, as her mother was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Thankfully for Taylor, she too has love and support from those around her. Swifties have her back no matter what.

Taking it to the Next Level: Calvin Harris Meets Taylor Swift’s Cats

I am pretty sure that meeting Taylor Swift’s cats should have a movie equivalent to Ben Stiller’s “Meet the Parents.” Swifties know how much Taylor loves Meredith and Olivia, so it’s safe to say that meeting those two ladies is practically as important as meeting her parents. (Not seriously, but… close 😉 )
Check out Calvin Harris’ post on Instagram, showing off Taylor’s beloved kitty.



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